3rd November 2019 – Book Presentation – De Kluizenaar

On Sunday afternoon 3 November the book ‘De Kluizenaar’ by writer Ebba Pauli will be presented at Perron 22 in Vierlingsbeek.
Starts: 14:00 hours

The Hermit is a book full of stories about the wise old man who lives on the mountain in a cave and takes place long, long ago. The villagers from the valley climb up to him to pour their hearts out and ask for advice. He is a good listener and his words are not understood at first, but are always a source of timeless wisdom. The Swedish social worker Ebba Pauli wrote this book at the beginning of last century. In the Netherlands the book had 25 editions, but is no longer available today.

Publisher Kirchner has decided to republish this book and to give everyone the opportunity to indulge in this source of wisdom and the art of living. Jan Klein and his daughter Marita have together breathed new life into publishing house Kirchner since a few years and have published a number of books. De Kluizenaar’ has been adapted by Marita to make it easy to read nowadays.

Jan Klein started his career in the book world at the age of 14 during the war. First as the youngest servant of a bookshop and publisher. Over the years he worked his way up to the right hand of the owners, and in the 1970s (together with his wife) he took over the bookshop Kirchner in Amsterdam and continued to run it until an old age. Until a few years ago he traded in books via the internet and now, together with Marita, he concentrates on publishing books that they find worthwhile.

Marita Klein has worked as a welfare worker in elder work and after her retirement she has used her passion for writing for various door-to-door newspapers. With publisher Kirchner she started a new adventure together with father Jan.

The presentation at Perron 22, Spoorstraat 22 in Vierlingsbeek starts at 14:00 hours.
Everyone is welcome.